Pieces of a Puzzle Factory

from by Sinister Sev and PovertyMan

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I forgot to take my medicine. I'm so ill that I'm sick.
I can do it like the fugees, but I'm killin' 'em quick.
Here's a message to my groupies: Start building a ship
Before you end up swimming in a river of piss.
I'm not the type of guy to let the witnesses live.
I think that was your friend that I just flipped from the bridge.
When the cops come around I'll say she didn't exist.
They'll trust me 'cause I look just like an innocent kid.
I'm a menace to the system I was never sent to prison
And I'll never get convicted I just get a new prescription.
I"ll pretend that my condition is less than a decision
If it helps me get committed, but I guess that I'm just twisted.
My attitude is Tupac infused.
I had some screws until a prostitute had knocked 'em loose.
In this padded room I try to talk it through
But I missed my afternoon therapy with Dr. Drew.


With this straight jacket squeezing my arms
It's hard to tell if I'm missing pieces and parts.
I've got a doctor outside always reading my charts
While I'm using this knife that I secretly palmed.
I can take out six orderlies and three of the guards
Before these motherfuckers ever hear the alarms!


from Not Safe For Anyone EP, released July 18, 2015



all rights reserved


Not Safe For Anyone Pennsylvania

Not Safe For Anyone is not rated by the ESRB. Keep a flashlight nearby while listening. In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop down. Slippery when wet.

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