Not Safe For Anyone EP

by Sinister Sev and PovertyMan

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...Meanwhile deep in the underground someone spilled the mutagenic ooze called imagination creating a creature rumored to be half science fiction and half horror. Later it was discovered the rumors were untrue. It was not a creature at all, but an EP. In fact its Not Safe For Anyone.

Some people say it was built by morlocks in an abandoned subway tunnel. Others believe Fraggles masterminded the project by forcing the Doozers into slavery.

The one thing every mole-man and mole-woman will agree on is that the NSFA EP is a collection of songs written and performed by Sinister Sev and PovertyMan. Some old. Some new. Some borrowed. Some blue.


released July 18, 2015

All tracks created by Sinister Sev
All tracks destroyed by PovertyMan
Produced by Dapp Van Gogh
Additional Production and Mixing (made listenable) by Klopfenpop*
Art Design and Layout by Phatal PHD

*Except "Another Dimension (skit)": Mixed (made unlistenable) by PovertyMan

PovertyMan would like to thank:
Sinister Sev for always killing it. Sev's entourage for always using my name to get into places for free. Dapp Van Gogh (AKA several other names) for always changing your name, adding a certain element of confusion, and- you know- the beats. Special thanks to Phatal and Klop for not making me learn how to do stuff myself. Lastly, the biggest and baddest thank you goes to everyone who has ever liked my music. Without your support I probably would have stopped doing this a long, long time ago.



all rights reserved


Not Safe For Anyone Pennsylvania

Not Safe For Anyone is not rated by the ESRB. Keep a flashlight nearby while listening. In the event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, oxygen masks will automatically drop down. Slippery when wet.

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Track Name: Inside My Lab
It started in the lab! This scientist engineered.
Splicing these DNA samples clear.
He didn't realize that the fans were scared.
Like they didn't realize that he answered their prayers.
He needed raw energy: Some power to pack.
So he started building with a fucking battery back.
The crowd never knew just how to react
when he tore down the stage until after the fact.
That's how the legend grew. Damn right he soldiered on;
Gripping the mic tight ever night with his golden arm.
There was talk of an iron lung deep inside the monster
That made his flow hours long at every single concert.
The shit was bonkers! An angry mob had advanced.
They drop their pitch forks and turned to wannabe fans!
Was the scientist mad? He was probably damned
'Cause the monster he created was the PovertyMan.
Track Name: Hip Hop Cosmonauts
Put your tentacle away quick.
We're stuck up in this space ship.
Let's get back to the station
Before we both get wasted.
When we chase a space bitch we always find a consequence.
We're low on oxygen and I think I'm losing consciousness.
Don't get me wrong I like space pussy whatever the color.
Pink, blue, green, or something never discovered.
One time this Borg chick asked me to assimilate
But I told her she better wait until the second date


Life supports online. All systems engage.
When you're stuck in a black hole it turns minutes to days.
Truth be told, if we didn't escape
Then we never would have made it to this primitive stage.
So hit the ignition for a quick little mission:
Find every kid in existence and try and get 'em to listen
To everything that I'm spittin', and if they witness the difference
Then I just give 'em a grin as I move from system to system.
Track Name: Happy Guy
I'm just a happy guy! Its advertised in the classifieds,
Broadcast through power lines, and beamed down from satellite.
I'm satisfied 'cause my girl tastes like apple pie.
I've got an appetite so I gotta have a bite.
The mastermind won't pass the mic. Its all or nothing.
I was last in line before I got up and started cutting
Like a renegade. Please allow me to demonstrate
How I turn these lemons into gallons of lemonade.
It's like I'm out of pepper when I'm eating some deviled eggs.
So I just grab a canister and spray on some pepper spray.
When its time to celebrate I might suddenly say,
"Zippity Doo Da! What a wonderful day!"
So blast it out and amplify it! Sing it loud its gratifying!
I waited at the traffic light. It's green so now at last its time.
That's right. You heard it here. I'm a happy guy
'Cause I made it to paradise with a pair of dice.
Track Name: Pieces of a Puzzle Factory
I forgot to take my medicine. I'm so ill that I'm sick.
I can do it like the fugees, but I'm killin' 'em quick.
Here's a message to my groupies: Start building a ship
Before you end up swimming in a river of piss.
I'm not the type of guy to let the witnesses live.
I think that was your friend that I just flipped from the bridge.
When the cops come around I'll say she didn't exist.
They'll trust me 'cause I look just like an innocent kid.
I'm a menace to the system I was never sent to prison
And I'll never get convicted I just get a new prescription.
I"ll pretend that my condition is less than a decision
If it helps me get committed, but I guess that I'm just twisted.
My attitude is Tupac infused.
I had some screws until a prostitute had knocked 'em loose.
In this padded room I try to talk it through
But I missed my afternoon therapy with Dr. Drew.


With this straight jacket squeezing my arms
It's hard to tell if I'm missing pieces and parts.
I've got a doctor outside always reading my charts
While I'm using this knife that I secretly palmed.
I can take out six orderlies and three of the guards
Before these motherfuckers ever hear the alarms!
Track Name: The Hero vs. The Villain
I'm no hero....
I was just a sidekick when Sinister Sev decided
To take out all the heroes. He distracted them with violence.
Set fire to the cities. He masterminded riots.
Attacked with mutant spiders that were twice the size of lions.
Heroes were divided then hunted and trapped.
Sinister Sev visited them in the dungeon and laughed.
Dipped a fist full of glue into a bucket of glass,
And he didn't stop 'til every hero was punctured and stabbed.
Every body knows what he had under his cap.
He did it all 'cause he wanted to punish the whack.
I was just a sidekick. Of course I was ignored.
It was my fate now I'm an orphan of the war.
I can't be on the streets enforcing every law,
But if I take out the leader then the rest of them will fall.
Stalking after evil. Not expecting applause,
'Cause now that I'm a hero his screams are my reward.